2nd Week of Chemo Treatment is a Wrap

Since it’s late as I write this, and I’ve been slack in giving an update on Morgan I thought I’d let my wife, Cheryl, do the honors, from the last update written on his Caring Bridge journal page on Wednesday:

Yeah – chemo treatment number four is in the bag!  The treatment itself was only about 25 minutes this morning because one medication was just a syringe-full given in his IV and the other was only a small hanging bag that took about 20 minutes.  I thought we’d be pretty much in and out in an hour – ha ha ha ha ha!!!!  Blank went live on their new computer system around the same day Mo was diagnosed and it has been interesting to say the least.  Anyway, apparently today, somehow the computer inadvertently deleted his chemo from the schedule so we ended up waiting about two hours for an infusion room.  We got home around 1:00 and I thought we’d be home around 10:30 – oh well, we are pretty good about rolling with the punches around here.  :)

We are watching him closely for fever because the medicines he received today are the ones that they think caused the fever after his first chemo.  So far, so good though.  We’ll keep him pumped up with meds to keep him from vomiting and, hopefully, we’ll have a smooth evening.

We have a huge praise though!!!!!!  Dr. Woods (one of the oncology partners) felt the lump in his neck that was so big before and said it has definitely shrunk – his body is definitely responding to the chemo.  We’ll know more after cycle 2 of the chemo and the PET scan but what a wonderful thing to hear!  Thank you Lord!!!

Morgan also just got a wonderful early birthday present.  The oncologist’s office called Shane a few minutes ago and said a donor had just given them two really good seats for the big college basketball tournament in Omaha on Sunday that they wanted specifically to go to a child in treatment and they thought of Mo.  So Morgan and his dad, if we can keep him fever-free and healthy until then, will head to Omaha Sunday.  Lord willing, they will be able to go and make some really good memories.  We are just so in awe of the many ways God is using people to make this time easier on all of us.  It is unbelievably humbling and we appreciate everything so much!

(Back to Shane)  He is starting to feel some tingling in his fingers and toes which is one of the side effects from the drugs he’s taken.  He’s also off Prednisone for the rest of the cycle so maybe he’ll give our refrigerator a break for a few days.  In the course of one afternoon in between lunch an dinner I personally witnessed him eat two bologna sandwiches.  Who knows what he ate that I didn’t see!  Well provided he still feels well when he wakes up we’ll be headed off to Omaha to not watch Missouri like I had expected.  I was really looking forward to a Missouri-Florida match up rather than a Nichols St.-Florida matchup.  It should still be a good game so we’ll probably root for the Cinderella team – you have to pull for those when you don’t have a dog in the fight.  The Purdue-Kansas game should be good.  Since I lived in Indiana for six years and my wife is from there we’ll have to root on the Boilermakers.  Big 10’s got to represent.

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