A To-Don’t List?

Justin Wise talked about doing a “to-don’t” list, especially in light of many of us breaking our New Year’s resolutions already.  He wrote:

An easier way to go about resolutions is not by adding to, but subtracting from. As anyone who’s ever built block towers with a toddler knows, it’s much easier to knock the tower down (and more fun) than it is to build it up. Same principle applies here…

…Think about the daily flow of your life. What’s cumbersome? What’s no longer helpful? This process goes hand-in-hand with designing your ideal workday, but it’s more precise. More focused on eliminating clutter.

In other words, work smarter.  Something I’ve had to consider with the new journey my family is on with Morgan having cancer.  I just can’t do everything.  So I scaled back.  I scaled back blogging, consolidating four blogs into one.  I look for ways I can delegate responsibilities at work and to the best of my ability only do the things that only I can do (still working toward success on this one).

So I think Justin’s onto something.

My first item on the “to-don’t” list is to not do resolutions (that way I don’t have to break any).  How about you?

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