Worship by shane_vanderhart
Worship, a photo by shane_vanderhart on Flickr.

My family and I attend Grace Fellowship in Des Moines, IA. We’re a new church in an old building (we were given the old Grant Park Christian Church building which was built in 1928). If you attend church (and I hope you do) what do you like about yours?

I can list several. My pastor, Shawn Barr, has a tremendous heart and vision for outreach which I appreciate. That is coupled with the fact that he loves people.

Second, our church is also a loving church. They have been awesome as Morgan goes through cancer with their prayer and tangible support.

Third is our worship being a young and smaller church we are blessed by a phenomenal worship team led by Jake Hering. We are very fortunate to have him.

Is it a perfect church? By no means. I always loved the adage that if you find the perfect church don’t go because you’ll screw it up.

So what do you like about yours?

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