Morgan’s 14

Morgan just celebrated his 14th birthday today, and he’s all set to get his driver’s permit (I’m so excited).  My wife Cheryl who really should be posting updates on him here wrote about him on his Caring Bridge site.

mocoolMy sweet “little boy” is fourteen today and he has grown into an amazing young man – he is a mellow kid with a giant heart and a mighty faith.   In his honor and because I’m completely and totally biased (LOL!) I’d like to share a story with you that I think illustrates what a great kid he really is: 

You may not know, but I have rheumatoid arthritis, and I often have trouble walking and especially climbing stairs.  Mo is always quick to offer me his arm and let me lean on his strength.  Well, March 2nd, the day after we found out he had cancer, he had surgery to install a port, take a bone marrow sample, and take a biopsy of the tumor.  It was a long, hard day for him and he was tired and in pain.  We drove him home and he got out of the van, walked up to the house, climbed the couple of stairs to the front porch and instead of heading straight in and flopping on the couch (which I’m sure is what he wanted to do) – he turned around and held out his arm for me to hold on to as I climbed the stairs because he knew it would be hard for me.  Even when he was hurting – he made sure he looked out for his mom – I’m so proud of that kid!!!!  Makes me cry all over again just thinking about it.  :)

I’m sure he’ll be thoroughly embarrassed when he finds out I told you that story but, hey, what are moms for, right?

He had an oncologist appointment today.  His white blood cell count is in the toilet right now.  Day 21 of his first cycle is next week so if they don’t improve they’ll have to wait to start the second cycle of chemo.

Also, Morgan and I had a blast watching the NCAA tournament games in Omaha on Sunday.  Both teams we were rooting for went down, but the Purdue-Kansas game was incredibly entertaining to watch and we got to see just how devout some fans are.  Pretty scary, I mean you would have thought we were watching a Hawkeyes football game or something.  Acting the way some of these fans did in any other venue is just ridiculous.

Morgan yesterday also got a pre-birthday treat.  We got him tickets to go see Tim Hawkins perform later this month along with John Branyan.  On the guest book at Caring Bridge we saw:

Hey Mo,
It’s John Branyan.

Just got word from your Mama that you’re going to try and be at the show with Tim Hawkins and me on March 31st.  I’d love to meet you!  Tim would too.

Consider yourself a V.I.P with backstage privileges.  We’ll sign autographs, take pictures and give you some DVDs.  (You can eat  the green-room food too if you like granola…)

You’re a brave guy!  I’m praying for you and your family.  Hang tough and I’m looking for you on March 31st!

Blessings to ya,

John Branyan

Ok we’ve had Rick Santorum call to encourage us and have received cards from Governor Terry Branstad and Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds, but this is what he got excited about!   14-year-old boys, I guess they really have their priorities straight after all don’t they?

Picture taken by Kelvey Vander Hart

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