Unlimited Vacation Time at Netflix

Family vacationI read yesterday about Netflix’s policy of offering unlimited vacation for their employees.

Netflix’s co-founder Reed Hastings in an interview with  Bloomberg Business Week that is part of their “freedom and responsibility culture.”

We want responsible people who are self-motivating and self-disciplined, and we reward them with freedom. The best example is our vacation policy. It’s simple and understandable: We don’t have one. We focus on what people get done, not on how many days they worked. Prior to 2004 we had the standard vacation model, until we realized no one was tracking how many hours in a day they worked. Why were we tracking whether someone takes two weeks or four weeks of vacation? It was an industrial era habit.

What would a policy like this do for your company or organization?  I also think that this could have a lot of potential with non-profit organizations who are not always able to compensate their employees like what you seen in the for-profit world.  Especially when you see many organizations and churches foster, albeit unintentionally, a burnout culture.

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