Mothering in Victory


A somewhat belated “Happy Mothers Day” to my mom, my wife Cheryl, my sister Stephanie and my sister-in-law Tami and to all of the mommas who read this blog.  (FYI I did wish my mom and my wife Happy Mothers Day in person with appropriate tokens of affection).  Today has been a little crazy, and I’m up in the hospital as I write this with my son Morgan who is doing his 4th round of chemo.

Motherhood is the highest calling I believe.  Just a reminder to all mothers out there who are followers of Christ, you are mothering in victory as Rachel Jankovic points out:

We are not mothering in hope anymore. We are mothering in victory. We are not bearing children to clear a field for planting, we are bearing children to work the harvest.

It can be so easy for us to get caught up in the details of mothering. The details of lost sippy cup lids, and watercolor messes. The demanding work of keeping the fridge full, and the laundry empty. The worry over high school grades and college scholarships. The work of buckling people in and out of our cars, spending the days in the details, and forgetting to see what the big story is.

The sacrifices we make every day are not made in a losing battle. They are the sacrifices of the victorious. They are the cost of a winning war.

Amen.  Embrace your high calling and always remember that the stakes are eternal.

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