Ten Items of Interest (v. 2)


Oh yes I know you’ve been looking forward to this all week my ten items of miscellaneous goodness from the interwebs and life… so here we go!

1.  Al Mohler, Alister Begg and Ray Ortland, Jr. discuss preaching.


2. John Piper on the “duty” of prayer

And meanwhile the devil is whispering all over this room: “The pastor is getting legalistic now. He’s starting to use guilt now. He’s getting out the law now.” To which I say, “To hell with the devil and all of his destructive lies. Be free!” Is it true that intentional, regular, disciplined, earnest, Christ-dependent, God-glorifying, joyful prayer is a duty? Do I go to pray with many of you on Tuesday at 6:30 a.m., and Wednesday at 5:45 p.m., and Friday at 6:30 a.m., and Saturday at 4:45 p.m., and Sunday at 8:15 a.m. out of duty? Is it a discipline?

You can call it that. It’s a duty the way it’s the duty of a scuba diver to put on his air tank before he goes underwater. It’s a duty the way pilots listen to air traffic controllers. It’s a duty the way soldiers in combat clean their rifles and load their guns. It’s a duty the way hungry people eat food. It’s a duty the way thirsty people drink water. It’s a duty the way a deaf man puts in his hearing aid. It’s a duty the way a diabetic takes his insulin. It’s a duty the way Pooh Bear looks for honey. It’s a duty the way pirates look for gold.

3.  I’m on Tumblr… where it’s like “Ten Items of Interest” every day.  My Tumblr blog is called VanderBlurbs.

4. The latest addition to our family – Sugar.  She’s a 6-year-old Lab we picked up today from a breeder and dog trainer.  She’s super sweet and well-behaved (thus far).


5.  How the “tolerant” become intolerant.

All religious traditions are not equal. Some beliefs foster freedom, growth and a deepening of compassion. Others are rigid and exclusive, warning of eternal punishment for those who don’t believe in the one true path to salvation, as they see it, or for those who love someone of the same sex. For the personal support the church of my childhood gave me, I remain thankful. I’m sure many conservative evangelicals today feel similar gratitude for their community. But for the damage that conservative Christianity does to people and for its perpetuation of prejudice and hate, I must reject this tradition. I believe those who teach it and preach it are doing great harm, and I in no way wish to be an ally.

Yes how “tolerant.” HT: BreakPoint

6.  The Northern Lights in Finland.  Yes I’m on Pinterest…. don’t judge.


7.  Hey Vets…


Thank you for your service!

8.  Five Dos and Don’ts for Pitching Bloggers – Being the editor of Caffeinated Thoughts I receive requests to post on at least a weekly basis if not more.  What drives me nuts is when what they pitch has absolutely nothing to do with the genre of my blog.  What is Caffeinated Thoughts makes you think I’d be interested in occupational therapy or breastfeeding?  We’re pretty ecletic, but come on!  Also don’t pitch me if you’re going to throw an advertising link in there somewhere like degreesonline.com – that will get you rejected faster than anything else.

End rant.  If you would like to guest blog at CT and you have an idea that fits “Christian & conservative news and commentary” on culture, current events, faith and politics, then email me at shane@caffeinatedthoughts.com.

9.  The State of Iowa just launched a website for those who are launching or already own small businesses.  It’s called IA Source Link.  the tagline is “linking small businesses in Iowa to the right resource at the right time.”  Since I’m the owner of a small business that caught my eye.  Perhaps it’ll be a good resource for you if you live in Iowa.  If not, hopefully your state has something like this.

10.  Marine Sniper-Scouts are… awesome.


That’s it.  Share your stuff in the comments.

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