(Un)Common Courtesy

I don’t do this often, if ever really, but sometimes I just need an outlet to get something that really, really bugs me off my chest.  Well I guess I do this all the time in the political realm with Caffeinated Thoughts, but never with stuff that occurs in every day life.  So I must do this.  I need to do this.  It will be so therapeutic and you guys are a heckuva lot cheaper than a therapist.

Begin rant.

Where has common sense gone?  Has it flown out the window taking basic common sense along with it?  Why am I asking this?  I’m glad you asked.  Let me tell you.  It is because of this.


This is me (the one taking the picture) outside of Pleasant Hill Elementary School.  Was this my final destination?  No, I was on my way east on Oakwood Avenue to pick up my girls from their horse riding lessons.  What were these cars doing in front of me.  Sitting there waiting to pick up their children from school.  Sitting there blocking traffic… sitting there in the middle of the road.  As you can see we are on an incline and at this point you had to pass six cars to get past this.  You couldn’t see what was coming over the hill on the other side making passing these cars somewhat of a safety hazard.  Passing is something I shouldn’t have to do because these cars should not be sitting there.

Parents of Pleasant Hill Elementary School – there are designated spots for you to wait for your child.  If those spots are filled up you move on, come back around and if a space is available take it.  If not you can always park on a side street and walk to the front door in order to walk your child to the car.

But don’t sit and wait in the middle of the street.  It’s rude and in fact illegal.  So please be courteous to other drivers who are passing by who don’t need to stop and wait for your child to come outside.  Be courteous.  Thank you.

End rant.

I feel better.

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  1. Canadian Mike says

    It is illegal because it is so extremely dangerous not only to the drivers who may be involved in an accident but also for the children. It also teaches your child to ignore any law that might be inconvenient or you just choose not to. And then people wonder why our society is in such bad shape?!?!

  2. Erica Schmidt says

    Is this the same school near Doan’s Park? If so, we drive by there every Thursday, and each time there seems to be more cars waiting to pick up kids then there is parking space. Does the school have a lack of buses or is it that kids are no longer allowed to walk home?

  3. jgeerdes says

    The same thing happens at every school in town, I’ve been told. I pick up my kids daily from Samuelson Elementary in DSM, and it is an almost-daily thing to want to grab someone by the head and shake some common sense back into them. It is amazing how people are so self-centered that they totally ignore safety issues of double and triple parking, totally disregard posted traffic signs, running in and out of parked cars, yelling profanities back and forth when they would rather not take turns, and more.

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