2013 Super Bowl Commercials: The Good, the Funny and the Ugly

The Super Bowl was a fabulous game last night thanks to the black out as it seemed to kill any momentum that the Baltimore Ravens had as the San Francisco 49ers played a fabulous 2nd half.  Almost as interesting (or more interesting if you’re not an NFL fan) as the game are the commercials.

First I have to tip my hat to the quick response of Oreo’s marketing/social media team putting this creative out during the power outage last night.


The best TV ad I think goes to Dodge’s tribute to farmers using a tribute written and read by the late Paul Harvey.


One of the funnier commercials, in my humble opinion, was from Toyota.


I also liked the NFL Network’s ad with Deion Sanders coming back as “Leon Sandcastle.”


Go Daddy had the two worst ads, in my opinion, and are losers. I don’t see how they don’t lose customers with their “Perfect Match” ad with model Bar Rafaeli and some guy named Walter. It was gross, sexist, and awkward which seems to be the mindset of Go Daddy’s marketing team.  Commercials like these is the primary reason I don’t host my websites with them.


Thoughts… how did you rank last night’s commercials?

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