Need a Speaker?

plcc2Because of Shane’s nearly 20 years of experience working with youth, his pulpit experience and reputation as a trainer Shane is a sought after speaker and has speaking experience in numerous churches, Christian schools and camps across the Midwest.

Shane has also spoken to numerous civics groups and at a variety of political rallies so he has broad experience speaking in front of a variety of groups.

He has also has provided training for different volunteer groups, workshops, breakout sessions, ministry teams and conferences in both faith-based and secular settings.

Need a speaker?  He is available for:

  • Outreach events and Youth Rallies
  • Youth groups and campus groups
  • Juvenile Institution Chapels
  • Christian School Chapels
  • Pulpit Supply
  • Youthworker training
  • Retreats, Camps and Conferences
  • School Assemblies
  • Political Rallies
  • Fundraising events
  • Civic Club meetings and more

Topics include: Evangelistic talks, evangelism training, basic Christian doctrine, variety of pulpit topics, education policy, Iowa politics, presidential politics, religious liberty issues, prolife issues, apologetics, high-risk children & youth, juvenile justice, mentoring, and more.

If you’re interested in having Shane speak to your group give him a call at (515) 321-5077 or email him at shane(at)