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Why Jake Chapman lost when Iowa Senate Republicans saw gains
Iowa Senate District 14 is a winnable seat with the right candidate and campaign.
Happy Thanksgiving
If you are not sure what to be thankful for today, let your heart echo the Puritan author of this prayer from The Valley of Vision.
Iowa saw a red tsunami.
Iowa Republicans won big on Election Night, but the "red wave" was a red ripple nationally.
Iowa state legislative races to watch on Election Night
Here are some battleground races to watch as returns come on Election Night.
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Happy Reformation Day
On October 31, 1517, a German monk named Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses on the door of the Wittenburg Castle church sparking the Reformation.
FBI raids of pro-life activists highlights overuse of SWAT
The raids are examples of the problems inherent with the overuse of SWAT and the militarization of the police at the local, state, and federal levels.
Stacy Abrams gives voice to pseudoscience of abortion advocacy
Stacy Abrams, the Democratic nominee in Georgia's gubernatorial race, is just wrong on the science behind fetal heartbeat monitoring.

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Shane is an Iowa native, a follower of Jesus, a husband to Cheryl, and a father of three grown children.  Shane and his family live in the Des Moines, IA area having moved back in 2002 after living in Illinois, Florida, Ohio, and Indiana.

Shane is the founder and President of 4:15 Communications, a social media and communications consulting and management firm, specializing in social media account creation, social media strategy audits, blog creation and management, social media account management, online written content for websites, blog content, public relations, and press release distribution.

Shane has 20 years of working in non-profit organizations, and ten years of experience with public relations, community networking, social media marketing, and blogging. He is also an experienced public speaker and trainer.

Shane also founded in 2006 Caffeinated Thoughts, a multi-contributor site that provides “stimulating Christian & conservative commentary” on culture, current events, faith, and politics where he writes on a daily basis and serves as editor-in-chief. He also launched in 2020 The Iowa Torch, a news site focused on Iowa politics. Shane has also contributed to The Des Moines Register, POLITICO, The Hill, Daily Caller, and Fox News. Campaigns & Elections Magazine has recognized Shane as one of the top political influencers in Iowa.

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