Giving Up on Tumblr, Returning to “Old School” Blogging

As some of you may know I switched my personal blog over to Tumblr a few months ago. My intent was to try to reach a platform that is largely dominated by progressive voices.

I was never able to get traction, that and I think that particular platform has issues with SEO, etc. If you just want to post memes all day, great. That’s not my cup of tea.

So back to a WordPress-based blog I go. Most of the blogging I do is generally longer form, but here I have the ability to just share videos, quotes, links, pictures, etc. I plan to highlight different articles I write and lists of links to articles I’ve read that I think will be of interest. It will be eclectic.

When I first started blogging in 2006 this was the approach I took. I didn’t really care about how long or how short the post was. So here I’m taking a similar approach to what I did with Tumblr, but I think it will be much, much more accessible for those who don’t use that platform.

I hope you enjoy the new (or should I say old) approach. Please be sure to leave a comment!