Every Vote Counts

Photo Credit: Letta Page (CC-By-2.0)

We had a special election in Polk County yesterday. Voters were given the opportunity to vote on a one percent local option sales tax. Polk County residents have rejected this two or three times before so, of course, they bring it up for a special election when voter turnout is low.

I’m opposed to increases in any tax, I believe the county needs to live within its means. Spending continues to go up, and just because the revenue is not keeping up does not mean we should foot the bill – cut spending.

I also believe that a sales tax increase has a greater impact on lower and middle-class residents, and the alleged property tax stability that is supposed to be had by this tax is unlikely to be felt among those who rent.

So hard pass.

Fortunately, a majority, a slim majority, but a majority of Polk County voters felt the same way. So the local option sales tax proposal was shot down by (unofficially) 226 votes (12,004 to 11,778).

Here are the unofficial results from each city in Polk County:

The unofficial turnout for the election was 10.03 percent.

Every vote matters, so if you are a U.S. citizen, and you are old enough to vote, take your rights and responsibilities seriously. (That means to be an informed voter as well.)