Thinking Out Loud

I launched Caffeinated Thoughts intending to maintain it as a personal blog. The first two years shared a lot of personal and ministry news (I worked for an organization called Serve Our Youth Network at the time). It morphed into a multi-contributor (though I still do the bulk of the writing) place for news and commentary on politics, faith, culture, and current events.

Since I live in Iowa, I write a lot about Iowa politics. Because of the branding of that website (which I love by the way), it’s eclectic nature, how news is often mixed with opinion, and the limited amount of time I am able to put in it is not seen as the legitimate news site that it could be. (When I’m asked what news site I’m with I often get strange looks when I say “Caffeinated Thoughts” unless people know me.)

So I’m thinking out loud here – I’ve thought and prayed about a new news site. At first, I thought I would rebrand Caffeinated Thoughts, but I would hate to do that. It’s a known website. It fits a niche, and I don’t want to disrupt that. Instead of trying to generate news from that website it should focus on commentary. After all, it is in the name – “thoughts” – and generally everyone, besides me when I write straight news pieces, offers an opinion.

What I have in mind is a broader center-right website that would focus on Iowa political news and public policy.

  • Federal news as it applies to Iowans.
  • State political news from the executive branch, legislature, judicial branch, and political groups and parties, as well as, election news.
  • Municipal news (with the addition of other contributors)
  • Think pieces on public policy as it relates to Iowa
  • Opinion – separate from the news

Creating a new, Iowa-focused news site is not an idea that I am ready to launch tomorrow, next week, or even next month (if at all). To do this well, it will take funding – something I lack. It will take sponsors and investors.

I would like to ask for prayer as I continue to explore this.

I would also appreciate feedback so please feel free to drop me a line –