Follow Me on Parler

I just thought I should let you know that I’m taking a new social media platform a spin. Parler was launched in response to Twitter’s growing draconian approach to dealing with speech it doesn’t like. You can follow me on Parler here.

One of Parler’s core values is bipartisan free speech and free expression.

This is not replacing Twitter for me (though it has for some), I’ll continue to use it, but I like giving new social media platforms a spin so I can familiarize myself with it. I also want to be sure I have a platform if any of these new contenders become big.

How to describe Parler. It’s like Twitter in that posts have character limits, but one can post up to 1000 characters rather than 280. People can comment, echo posts (similar to a retweet with a comment), and vote up (similar to liking tweets). One can share links, pictures, videos, gifs, and the mobile app has memes.

I honestly can’t tell you how active I’ll be on it. My track record isn’t that great on new platforms… my Gab account is inactive (I may try it out again, but when I signed on they didn’t have a mobile app and it was becoming an alt-right cess pool) and I’ve not been on MeWe for ages. I thought I created a Minds account, but apparently I never did.

I know, I know, I’m not really doing a good job talking you into following me. If you are interested please do because I’ll stick with it if I sense I can build a decent platform.