Trying Out Substack

I just launched a new Substack newsletter today, if you are an email subscriber to this website you probably already have a couple of emails sitting in your inbox.

I’ve wanted to try out Substack for awhile and so far I love the email feature of it. I had originally thought about merging this website with it and decided against it for a couple of reasons. I still want a space that I control because Substack is pretty new and trendy so I want to keep this domain independent of it. Also, I don’t want to mess with the SEO (search engine optimization) I have going with this website, I think SEO will be the primary weakness of Substack (we’ll see).

What this does mean for this website is that I will no longer run email subscriptions through MailerLite for this website (starting after you receive the email for this post). I’m encouraging everyone to sign-up through Substack. On Substack I’m offering free and paid subscriptions. Many of the public posts at Substack will also be posted here or, if appropriate, at Caffeinated Thoughts.

Anyway, I wanted to keep you in the loop.

And I’ll encourage you to subscribe at Substack: